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Interactive Augmented Reality Custom Christmas Ornament

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DescriptionBring perpetual joy to your recipient when they receive your fully personalized and customized interactive augmented reality Christmas tree ornament!  The physical ornament is an alluring 3"x 3" empty snow globe on a flat plastic surface, inviting the user to scan the QR on the opposite side to reveal your custom video displayed seamlessly inside the globe in 3D!  Our programmers will work one-on-one with you to design the perfect experiential ornament based on your video.  Viewers will hear your actual voice and see your personally recorded video inside the globe for years to come!  What fun it will be to revisit those memories every time you decorate the tree and watch your custom video and audio inside this interactive augmented reality ornament!  Customers will receive a 3" x 3" plastic ornament with hook displaying the beautiful empty snow globe.  Your custom video and audio will be revealed each time the user points her phone at your ornament for many years to come!