Tech, Art, and love

Creating art through technology to inspire enduring memories

Our organization of designers, developers, and event professionals strives to captivate through technology while never losing touch with traditional elegance.

Paramount in our design beliefs is that every piece of modern technology must fit seamlessly within the existing traditional customs and expectations of the events industry so that all the benefits of the past can be fully engaged, appreciated, and accented by the wonderous advancements we have available today. As such, we are passionate about technology and constantly on the search for new ways to further elevate experiences for our clients but at the end of each day we ensure that the work we do still gratifies our team in a way that "removes the dust from our souls" and engages our creative spirit as any form of art would.
While we desire to serve as many partners as possible through an easy to use online sales process our favorite part of the job is still working 1-on-1 with clients to deliver fully customized, stunning, and legendary immersive experiences. We love nothing more than creating a fully immersive and interactive event experience which begins with live invites and includes living artwork in the form of signage, seating charts, dancefloors, menu's, drink coasters, and much more. At our heart is delivering the most unforgettable experiences through the intersection of technology and personal engagement while maintaining every traditional feature of event hosting. We encourage anyone and everyone to contact us with any question and to discuss other possibilities to elevate experiences -