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Interactive Augmented Reality Drink Coasters

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Create the most talked-about and widely shared experience right from your drink coaster!  Fully customizable in a multitude of designs.  You send us your logo or design and we'll program each coaster with interactive effects, print, and send you the package with your desired quantity ready for immediate use.  We will program any effect you desire along with custom audio and clickable links irresistibly launched from your drink coaster.  Develop a theme more robust and immersive than anyone has ever experienced at your wedding or event as your decorative motif is expanded to your bar or table setting.  Whether it's a personalized avatar of the bride and groom dancing in live animation on your coaster or your company mascot delivering a personalized message, these drink coasters are must-have for innovative events seeking unforgettable connections.  Contact us directly at to discuss your custom dreams and we will begin the personalized planning process with you! 

Minimum order 200

Note: additional fee may apply for custom programming.  Contact us directly for more info.