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Interactive Augmented Reality Business Cards

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DescriptionAvailable for any business card on the planet, just send us a digital copy or picture of your business card and we will program the interactive effects of your choice.  Our program designers will work with you one-on-one to create the most dazzling business card on earth.  We can create your custom avatar or display your personally recorded video to greet potential clients.  They will hear your audio, see your effects, and have the ability to click directly  through to your bookings calendar, social media, or your sample work portfolio.  This is a one-time design fee which will enable you to make your existing business cards interactive forever and in an unlimited quantity.   Please note: the buyer is responsible for printing your business cards through any other vendor of your choice or you can contact us for custom printing options for an additional cost.  Free trial samples available so contact us today to learn more and try for free!  Land more business, convert more leads, and maximize your networking efforts with a business card which they will show to everyone they know so customers can see that you are much more advanced than any of your competitors!